Fun and Rides

Buggy Ride in the Dunes

The duration of the Tour is around 1 hour. Leaving the Hotel / Pousada in Canoa Quebrada begins the route passing by the village until the Beach of Estevão arriving at the Symbol of Canoa Quebrada, the route continues in the dune of the Sunset and goes to the Park of Dunes and Ponds passing by the exciting descents of the Dunes Giants, Skybunda, The Oasis Shack and back by the ancient Nudism Beach. Barraca Oásis offers a preserved space great for the refreshment, has restaurant, shower with natural water and a huge natural lagoon immersed between enormous coconut trees centenarians where it is possible to take a bath.

Buggy ride to Ponta Grossa beach

The duration of the Tour is around 02:30. All the way is by the beach, from Canoa Quebrada passing through the beaches: Estevão, Porto Canoa, Majorlândia, Quixaba, Refúgio Dourado, Lagoa do Mato, Fontainha, Retininho, Retiro Grande until Ponta Grossa. Each of the beaches has a particularity and beauty that is worth knowing. During the tour you can see a change of color in the cliffs showing the different minerals and rock formations that nature carved over the years.

Flight from Parapente

Popularly called a lift flight by pilots, this type of flight is practiced in Canoa Quebrada, it is the most common and easiest practiced in the whole world. It consists of taking advantage of the upward drift that the wind makes when passing through a mountain and using the resulting rising current to remain flying without losing altitude. In Canoa Quebrada these currents are produced in the dune cord and in the cliffs located in front of the sea. This location offers its visitors a fantastic view of the geography of the rare and exuberant region.
The operation of the Paraglider is easy to understand, since it is a type of glider and consequently has no propulsion - it is always descending if the air does not move vertically. In this case, the air is moving upward forced by the protrusion of the cliff creating a kind of air mattress that serves as extra support for the paraglider.


Extreme Kite School is a kiteboarding school located in Canoa Quebrada - Brazil,
It began its activities in the year 2010 with three instructors IKO level 2.
The school offers the following services:
• Lessons from beginner to first level professional
(in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French)
• Transfers
• Downwinds
• Equipment rental
• Equipment repairs
WhatsApp (88) 99960-6070

Passeio de Quadriciclo

Conheça toda a extensão da Praia de Canoa Quebrada no Ceará, o antigo vilarejo de pescadores dos Esteves, o símbolo da lua e estrela, a Broadway e, a vila de Canoa Quebrada, além das grandes dunas brancas e toda a diversão do inesquecível sandboard e skibunda (passeios opcionais) nas lagoas da região, e oásis.

Conheça mais de dez lindas praias desde Canoa Quebrada até a Praia de Ponta Grossa, na cidade de Icapuí, última cidade do litoral cearense: cenários inesquecíveis da natureza, formados por dunas, falésias em suas diversas tonalidades, e praias pouco exploradas.

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